Clean Pseudo Nodes Tool (Dissolve Polylines)

Target layer: Polyline

Description:  Drag a selection box. All  selected polylines with nodes inside of the selection box will be analyzed and those sharing a common pseudo node and same attribute in the user selected dissolve field will be dissolved. Pressing "S" key while the tool is active enables the user to change the dissolve field.


Hot Keys (Pressing these keys when the tool is active will allow changing  the parameters used by the function)

Attribute Updates: The attributes will be updated according to the attribute update rules defined for the target layer. (see Setting Attribute Update Rules for more information)

Note: Switch ON the Draw Nodes tool to visualize the status of the node topology.


Result: Dissolve field = Name

Before: Labeled with address ranges.

Attribute union update rules: Address range

Copyright Ianko Tchoukanski