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Tools List

Polyline Tools

Draw Nodes
Draw Duplicate Polylines 
Draw Arrows
Draw Vertices
Extend Polyline Tool
Intersect Polylines Tool
Clean Dangles Tool
Remove Redundant Nodes Tool
Flip Polylines Tool
Clean Pseudo Nodes Tool (Dissolve Polylines)
Remove Duplicate Polylines Tool

Offset Polyline Tool

Offset Both Sides Tool
Split In Point Tool
Split In Closest Vertex
Split In Middle
Split In All Vertices
Split With Distance
Generalize Polyline Tool
Densify Polyline Tool
Densify Polyline By Angle Tool
Smooth Bezier Tool
Smooth B-Spline Tool
Smooth T-Spline
Reshape Polyline Tool
Multiple Offset
Polygon Tools
Reshape Polygon Tool
Draw Overlaps Tool
Clean Overlaps Tool
Draw Gaps Tool
Fill Gaps Tool
Merge Polygons Tool
Split Polygons By Area
Square Polygon Angles
Point Tools
Draw Duplicate Points
Delete Duplicate Points Tool
Common Tools
Move Shapes Tools
Copy Shapes Tools
Explode Tool
Quick Delete Tool
Move Shared Node Tool
Insert Vertex Tool
Delete Multiple Vertices Tool
Identify non simple M values
Chamfer at Vertex
Chamfer at All Vertices
Fillet at Vertex
Fillet at All vertices
Rectangular Array
Create Pie Segment
Copy features from other layer Tool - Multi-functional tool
Source Layer = Polyline Target Layer = Polyline Add copied polylines
Split existing polylines with copied ones
Add copied polylines & split existing ones
Target Layer = Polygon Add buffered copied polylines
Erase with buffered copied polylines
Cut Polygons with copied polylines

Source Layer = Polygon

Target Layer = Polyline Add copied polygon boundaries as polylines
Split polylines with copied  polygon boundaries
Split polylines & add polygon boundary
Erase polylines
Erase polylines & add copied  polygon boundaries
Target Layer = Polygon Add copied polygons
Erase with copied polygons
Add non-overlapping parts of copied polygons
Intersect with copied polygons
Erase existing and add copied polygons
Sketch Tools - Multi-functional tools
Sketch Polyline Tool
Target Layer = Polyline Add Polyline
Split polylines with a polyline
Add Polyline - split existing polylines
Target Layer = Polygon Add buffered polyline
Erase with buffered polyline
Cut Polygons with a polyline
Sketch Polygon Tool
Target Layer = Polyline Add polygon boundary as polyline
Split polylines with polygon boundary
Split polylines & add polygon boundary
Erase polylines
Erase polylines & add polygon boundary
Target Layer = Polygon Add polygon
Erase with polygon
Add non-overlapping parts of polygon
Intersect with polygon
Erase existing and add polygon
Sketch T-Spline Tool
Target Layer = Polyline Same as Sketch Polyline tool
Target Layer = Polygon Same as Sketch Polygon tool
Draw Circle Tool Same as Sketch Polygon tool
hex Draw Regular Polygons  Same as Sketch Polygon tool 
rec1 Draw Rectangles Same as Sketch Polygon tool 
Draw Circular Donut Tool Same as Sketch Polygon tool
Selection Tools
Select by rectangle Tool
Select by circle Tool
Select by polygon Tool
Select by polyline Tool
Attributes Toolbar
Copy-Edit-Paste Attributes Tool
Capture Point with Attributes Tool
Capture Polyline with Attributes Tool
Capture Polygon  with Attributes Tool
COGO Toolbar
Traverse Tool
COGO Inverse Tool
ET Add COGO Fields
ET Commands
Build Polygons
Clean Polylines Command
Clean Polylines Command
ET Clean Overlaps
ET Copy From Layer
Explode Selected Command
ET Flip Selected
ET Intersect Selected
ET Remove Duplicates
ET Generalize Selected
ET Densify Selected
ET Smooth Bezier
ET Smooth B-Spline
ET Smooth T-Spline 
Validate Edits command
Graphics Toolbar
Graphics To Features - multifunctional tool
Select Graphics by name and type
Set name for selected graphics
Features To Graphics
Feature Vertices to graphic points
Feature Envelopes To Graphics
Features To Convex Polygon Graphics
Features To Bounding Circles Graphics
  Features To Bounding Rectangles Graphics
  Polygons To Equal Area Circles Graphics
  Buffered Features Graphics
  Graphic Point At Distance along polyline or polygon boundary
  Random graphic points in polygon
  Random graphic points on polylines
Identify Geometries (Geometry Characteristics) 
pgChars  Polygon Characteristics  - NEW
plChar  Polyline Characteristics  - NEW
Segment  Segment Characteristics  - NEW
point  Identify  Points on Polylines/Polygon Boundaries - NEW

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