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ET GeoTools 11.3 - released 01 March 2016


  • Compatible with ArcGIS 10.4
  • Added new tools to allow drawing vertices for up to 3 layers simultaneously.


  • A new toolbar ET Draw added to group the tools better

Bugs fixed

  • Flip Selected commands fails in some cases
  • Incorrect tool tips for some of the tools
  • Incorrect description of some of the dialog
  • Incorrect hot keys for some of the tools
  • Minor interface problems

ET GeoTools 11.2 - released 14 December 2014


Compatible with ArcGIS 10.3

Bugs Fixed

  • Incorrect transfer of Date type attributes during split and union processes
  • Minor interface problems
ET GeoTools 11.1 - released 27 July 2014


  • Polyline Characteristics
  • Polygon Characteristics
  • Segment Characteristics
  • Identify Point on Polyline (Polygon boundary)


  • All dialogs for selecting layers and fields will display long layer/field names.
  • If applied on polygons the Random Points on Polyline graphics tool will create random points on the polygon boundary.

Bugs fixed

  • Some tools will fail if applied on polygons or polylines that have true arcs. Tools affected
    • Features to Convex Polygon graphics
    • Features to Bounding Rectangles graphics
    • Features to Bounding Circles graphics
ET GeoTools 11.0 - released 31 August 2013

Compatible with ArcGIS 10.2


  • Draw regular polygons tool - user specified number of sides and size.
  • Draw rectangles tool - user specified width, height, rotation angle and location of the insertion point.


  • The entire product is now developed in .NET
  • New algorithms for some of the tools
    • Build Polygons
    • Clean Polygons
  • All sketch tools that require user input (radius, width, etc.) display the real shape of the shape to be added. Tools affected:
    • Draw Circle
    • Draw Donut
    • Draw Rectangle
    • Draw Regular shapes
    • Draw Pie Segments

Bugs fixed

  • Incorrect warning in the Control Panel
  • Problems with inputting decimal points in the interface of some functions for specific Windows language settings.
  • COGO Traverse could not adjust correctly open traverses.
ET GeoTools 10.2 - released 12 June 2012


Compatible with ArcGIS 10.1


  • Improved handling of the user settings (available for roaming). 
  • Better description of the tools
  • Improved user guide

Bugs fixed

  • Problems with some of the tools if the type of the target edited layer is changed (ArcGIS 10.0 only). Tools affected:
    • Draw Nodes
    • Draw Duplicate polylines
    • Draw Vertices
    • Draw Duplicate Points
  • Removed some redundant message boxes.
  • Problems in the interface of some tools. Tools affected:
    • Copy - Edit - Paste attributes
    • Digitize points with attributes.
    • Digitize polylines with attributes.
    • Digitize polygons with attributes.
ET GeoTools 10.1 - released 12 November 2011

Bugs fixed

  • COGO Traverse tool - does not allow adding curves
  • Several tools fail when used on shapefiles (ArcGIS 10 only)
    • Smooth polylines
    • Generalize polylines
    • Densify polylines
    • Merge Polygons
    • Offset
    •  Fillet
    • Chamfer
  • Rectangular Array tool ignores the digits after the decimal sign for offset distance.
  • Attribute update rules do not allow Address Ranges stored in Text fields
  • Error in several tools if an editing session is started and there is no target layer selected (ArcGIS 10 only). Tool affected
    • Select by Box
    • Select By Polyline
    • Select By Circle
    • Select by Polygon
    • Draw Vertices
  • Some tools produce error if editing while the attribute table of the edited layer is open
ET GeoTools 10.0 - released 30 June 2010

Entirely redeveloped in DOT NET.

Fully compatible with ArcGIS 10.

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 (32 and 64 Bit).
  • Improved
    • Improved attribute update rules. Affected tools:
      • Split Polylines with points
      • Draw polyline, spline, polygon, circle, donut tools
      • Extend tool
      • Intersect tool
      • Clean Dangles tool
      • Copy features from a layer tool
    • Improved handling of modal dialogs. Tools affected
      • COGO Traverse
      • Draw Polylines with Attributes
      • Draw Polygons with Attributes
      • Draw Points with Attributes
      • Copy-Edit-Paste Attributes tool
      • Split Polygon by Area
    • Redesigned Tool Menus
      • Select Tools
      • Smooth - Generalize tools
      • Sketch features tools
      • Offset tools
  • Bugs fixed
    • Bug in Extend Polylines tool
    • Bug in Split Polygons by Area tool
    • A minor bug in all tools performing intersections on polylines
    • Minor bugs in some of the dialogs.
ET GeoTools 9.5 - released 31 May 2009
  • New tools
    • Chamfer Polyline or Polygon at vertex
    • Chamfer Polyline or Polygon at all vertices
    • Fillet Polyline or Polygon at vertex
    • Fillet Polyline or Polygon at all vertices
    • Create rectangular array from selected feature
    • Create Pie Segments with user defined radius direction and central angle
    • Multiple offset Polylines
  • Improved
    • Cogo Traverse tool can be used on PolylineZ (M) and PolygonZ (M) layers
  • Bugs fixed
    • All polyline split tools create in some cases zero length polylines
    • Bug in the Clean Dangles tool if there is no intersection.
    • The color for drawing vertices could not be set by the user
    • Remove Redundant Nodes - problem when used on M polylines

ET GeoTools 9.4 - released 31 June 2008

  • New toolbar - ET Graphics
    • Graphics to features
    • Select graphics by name and type
    • Set name for selected graphics
    • Features to graphics
    • Feature vertices to graphic points
    • Feature envelopes to graphics
    • Features to convex polygon graphics
    • Features to bounding circles graphics
    • Features to bounding rectangles graphics
    • Polygons to equal area circles graphics
    • Buffered features graphics
    • Graphic point at distance along polyline or polygon boundary
    • Random graphic points in polygon
    • Random graphic points on polylines
  • New tools
    • Validate edits command
    • Split polygon by area
    • Square polygon corners
    • Identify non simple M values
  • Improved
    • A new option introduced for splitting address ranges which allows the users to select how the address ranges will be updated after all splitting operations.
    • New faster algorithm for all tools that perform polyline intersections.
    •  Improved dialog of the Copy-Edit-Paste attributes tool 
    • COGO Traverse
      • Added Misclosure calculations
      • Added Adjustment of traverse using Compass rule
      •  Distance units different from the linear units of the spatial reference of the edited dataset can be used
      • Improved dialog
    • Copy features from other layer (Tool and Command) will transfer the attributes of the copied feature (if the target feature class has fields with the same names as the source feature class.
    • Draw Arrows tool allows better placements of the arrows
    • Some tools available previously for polylines only are now available for polygons as well.
      • Generalize
      • Densify
      • Densify By Angle
      • All smooth tools
    • Some tools previously not available for shapes with Z or M values can be used now on Z (M) aware shapes as well
      • Reshape Polyline
      • Move Shared Node
      •  Split Polyline In Point
      • Clean Pseudo Nodes
      • Clean Dangles
      • Remove Redundant Nodes
      • Copy From Layer - Tool and Command
      • Insert Vertex
      • Delete Multiple Vertices
      • Split Polyline In Nearest Vertex
      • Split Polyline In Middle
      • Split Polyline In All Vertices
      • Split Polyline with Distance
      • Extend Polyline - split option allowed now
      • Remove Duplicate Polylines - Tool and Command
      • Intersect Selected - Tool and Command
      • Draw Polyline (if the target edited layer is of polyline type)
      •  Draw Polygon (if the target edited layer is of polyline type)
      • Draw Spline (if the target edited layer is of polyline type)
      • Draw Circle (if the target edited layer is of polyline type)
      • Draw Circle Donut (if the target edited layer is of polyline type)
  • Bugs fixed
    • In certain cases in ArcGIS 9.2 the angle in the Cogo Traverse tool not calculated correctly.
    • Explode Command - fails
    • Cut Polygon (Add New Polyline with Action = "Cut") - incorrect behavior in specific cases
    • Fuzzy tolerance cannot be set from the Polygon Tab of the Control Panel
    • incorrect direction angle assigned to the segments by the COGO Inverse tool 
    • Incorrect updating of some address ranges during the remove pseudo nodes operation.
    •  If the name of a layer is changed in ArcMap, the attribute update rules are stored incorrectly
    • Incorrect results of Undo operation after the Clean Pseudo Nodes tool on FGDB and PGDB


ET GeoTools 9.3 - released 26 November 2006

  • Compatible with ArcGIS 9.2
  • New tools
    • Draw overlapping points
    • Delete overlapping points
    • Clean Polylines command
    • Clean Polygons command
  • Improved
    • Some of the tools improved to be able to handle true arcs. Tools affected:
      • Insert vertex tool
      • Delete multiple vertices tool
      • Move Shared Node/Vertex tool
    • Improved the stability of the polygon overlay tools. Tools affected:
      • Draw Polygon tool
      • Draw Polygon with attributes tool
      • Reshape Polygon tool
      • Merge Polygons tool
    • Explode tool
    • Build Polygons command
    • The Draw Nodes tool classifies the nodes based on the actual coordinates or based on the precision of the feature class (ArcGIS 9.2 only)
  • Bugs fixed
    • Run-Time error if the Edit Start Point of ET Traverse Dialog is used.
    • Incorrect caption on the dialog for setting parameters for Smooth T-Spline command.

ET GeoTools 9.2 - released 12 February 2006

  • New tools   COGO Toolbar (available for any ArcGIS license ArcView, ArcEditor, ArcInfo)
    • COGO Traverse tool
      • Create Traverses
      • Get traverses of existing features
      • Edit traverses
      • Import traverse from text file
      • Export traverse to a text file
      • Supports adding/editing attributes for the traverses
    • COGO Inverse Tool
    • Add COGO Fields tool
  • Improved
    • Many of the Tools and Commands can be used on datasets with Z and/or M values. Tools affected:
      • Flip tool & command
      • Offset Single Tool
      • Offset Double tool
      • Explode tool & command
      • Densify tool & command
      • Densify By Angle tool
      • Generalize tool & command
    • The selection tools can be used out of an editing session. Affected tools:
      • Select by box
      • Select by circle
      • Select by polygon
      • Select by polyline
    • Most of the tools use Z X C keys to Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan in the same way as the standard ArcMap tools
    • Improved handling of the dialogs setting parameters for several of the tools
  • Bugs fixed
    • A bug in the interface causing Copy/Edit/Paste attributes tool to stay disabled
    • A bug causing errors in several tools when the target layer participates in a Group Layer source
    • The Smooth T-Spline command actually performed B-Spline - fixed

ET GeoTools 9.1 - released 12 June 2005

  • New tools  
    • Copy-Edit-Paste attributes 
      • Offers productive way of copying, editing and pasting attribute data.
      • Users with ArcView licenses can edit the attributes of simple SDE feature classes 
    • Tools for capturing data with attributes - significantly improve the performance of capturing data
      • Capture Point with Attributes
      • Capture Polyline with Attributes
      • Capture Polygon with Attributes
  • Improved
    • The users can complete drawing features with the sketch tools by pressing F2. In the same way that it is done with the standard Sketch tool. Tools affected:
      • Draw Polyline
      • Draw Polygon
      • Draw T-Spline
    • Locale Settings used for the decimal symbol of real numbers.
    • Clean Pseudo Nodes tool - better handling of closed polyline chains.
  • Bugs fixed
    • Copy Shapes - a bug causing ArcMap to crash (only in ArcGIS 9) - fixed
    • Merge Polygons - a bug with updating attributes when used on a layer with Geodatabase source
    • Using the right mouse button with some of the tools was causing unwanted display of a context menu - fixed

ET GeoTools 9.0 - released 14 July 2004

  • General - made available in two versions - for ArcGIS 8.x and for ArcGIS 9.x to accommodate the changes in the structure of the type libraries that define the ArcObjects classes and interfaces made in ArcGIS 9.0 and at the same time do not disadvantage the users who have not upgraded to ArcGIS 9. 

  • New tools - some of the tools have very similar functionality to standard ArcMap tools, but are more productive and  preserve the topological relations between the adjacent features ( See Topological problems when editing in ArcGIS)
    • Move Shared Node Tool
    • Delete Multiple Vertices Tool
    • Insert Vertex Tool
    • Cut Polygons (incorporated in the Draw New Polyline Tool)
    • Cut Polygons with features from a polyline layer (incorporated in the Copy features from other layer Tool)
    • Reshape Polyline Tool
    • Merge Polygons Tool
  • Improved
    • Hot Keys added to most of the tools to allow Zoom In, Zoom Out & Pan while using the tools
  • Bugs fixed
    • Inability to handle multi-part features - fixed. Tools affected:
      • Smooth Bezier 
      • Smooth B-Spline
      • Smooth T-Spline

ET GeoTools 8.0 - released 29 February 2004

See ET GeoTools User Guide for more information

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