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What is new in ET GeoWizards 11.3


  • Compatible with ArcGIS 10.4 
  • New function - Field Mark Duplicates


  • Connect Points Function
    • New faster algorithm
    • allows specifying the max number of points to connect

Bugs fixed

  • The toolbox implementation of the Split by location function returns an Error even if completes with success
  • Some functions fail if executed several times on the same dataset. Functions affected:
    • Erase
    • Advanced Merge
    • Symmetrical Difference
  • Restrictions imposed on the Station Points function - removed.
  • Import from Google function fails if there is long description in the input data.
  • Many functions produce incorrect results on datasets that have features represented by true arcs. Functions affected:
    • Clip
    • Erase
    • Advanced Merge
    • Eliminate
    • Polygon To Polylines Advanced
    • Dissolve
    • Symmetrical Difference
    • Clean Polygons
    • Build Polygons
  • Connect To Closest Points fails if the input dataset has more than 32000 points
  • The NodeID field created in the output point feature class changed to integer type
  • Find Closest Points function fails on some datasets
  • Connect to Closest Point function assigns incorrect Point IDs to some links
  • The Transfer Polygon attributes function fails in some very specific data cases
  • Polygon To Polyline Advanced creates incorrect links if the input data has geometry problems
  • Polygon To Point with "Deepest point" option and Polygon to Max Inscribed circle fail on polygons with incorrect ring orientation
  • The geoprocessing tool Find Closest Point reports incorrect geometry type which prevents using it in models correctly

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