Build TIN

ToolBox Implementation .NET Implementation

Builds a Triangulated Irregular Network from a feature layer



Notes :


Source Layer (polyline)

Result TIN

ToolBox implementation

Command line syntax - two different toolbox tools available depending on the type of the input TIN. Check the colour coding for specifics.

ETS_GPBuildESRITIN <Input Dataset>  <Out TIN>  <Elevation Field> <Triangulation type>
ETS_GPBuildPolygonZTIN <Input Dataset>  <Out Feature Class>  <Elevation Field> {Light Azimuth} {Light Altitude}


Expression Explanation
<Input Dataset> A Point, Polyline or Polygon feature layer or feature class
<Out TIN> A String - the full name of the output ESRI TIN
<Out Feature Class> A String - the full name of the output feature class.
<Elevation Field> A String representing the name of the field to be used as a source for the elevations
<Triangulation type> A String - possible values are "Mass points" and "Hard breaklines"
{Light Azimuth} A Double representing azimuth of the light source (0 to 360). 0 indicates North, 90 - East, 180 - South, 270 - West
{Light Altitude} A Double representing the altitude of the light source  in degrees (0 to 90)

Scripting syntax

ETS_GPBuildESRITIN (Input Dataset, Out TIN, Elevation Field, Triangulation type)

ETS_GPBuildPolygonZTIN(Input Dataset, Out Feature Class, Elevation Field, Light Azimuth, Light Altitude)

See the explanations above:
<> - required parameter
{} - optional parameter

.NET implementation
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BuildEsriTin(inFeatureClass As IFeatureClass, sOutTinName As String, elevationField As String, triangulationType As String) As ITin

BuildPolygonZTin(inFeatureClass As IFeatureClass, sOutFName As String, elevationField As String, Optional dAzimuth As Double = 315, Optional dAltitude As Double = 45) As IFeatureClass

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