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Profile Extractor 10 minutes online video tutorial

This short video tutorial shows some of the functionality of the Profile Extractor. Detailed description of the tools is available in the User Guide.

The videos are available in two formats:

  • WMV format - playable with Windows Media Player. To download a clip right click on the link ==> Save Target As.
  • FLASH format (you need a Flash Player installed). A free Flash Player download  is available from Adobe.com
Title WMV format FLASH format
Profile Creation Download/Play 6.13 Mb Play 3.05 Mb
Profile Settings Download/Play 4.95 Mb Play 2.53 Mb
Profile Properties Download/Play 5.50 Mb Play 2.69 Mb
Tools in the Profile Window Download/Play 5.42 Mb Play 2.75 Mb
Draw Profile on View and Layout Download/Play 5.52 Mb Play 2.44 Mb
Animate Profile Along a Route Download/Play 3.44 Mb Play 1.87 Mb
Add Feature Layers to Profile Download/Play 8.16 Mb Play 4.40 Mb
Save and Load a Profile Project Download/Play 4.88 Mb Play 2.37 Mb
Line of Sight Download/Play 5.32 Mb Play 2.42 Mb

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