Add Polyline Tool

Target layer: Polyline, Polygon

Description:  This is a multi-function tool. The polyline drawn will be added to the target layer depending on the type of the target layer and the user specified action. 

Functions: Depending on the type of the target layer:


Hot Keys (Pressing these keys when the tool is active will allow changing  the parameters used by the function)

Attribute Updates: The attributes will be updated according to the attribute update rules defined for the target layer. (see Setting Attribute Update Rules for more information)

Snapping: Supported. Uses the standard Editor snapping settings

Note: Switch ON the Draw Nodes tool to visualize the status of the node topology.

Example: Target = Polyline Layer


Action = "Add"

Action = "Split"

Action = "Split and Add"

Example: Target = Polygon Layer. See The concept of Polygon editing for description of priorities used.


Priority = "Erase"

Priority = "Low"

Priority = "High"


Result - Split attribute rule = "Proportion" used

Copyright Ianko Tchoukanski