ET GeoWizards 12.1 released

Our Products

No ArcGIS needed

A stand-alone collection of powerful data creation, manipulation, analysis and topology functions for any GIS professional.


Need Editing?

The most comprehensive set of editing tools for ArcMap. Increase your productivity. Make your ArcGIS work for you.


No Spatial or 3D Analysts needed

Create TIN and Raster surfaces, Extract Profiles, Derive Line of Sight, Calculate Volume, Cut/Fill, Visibility, Hydrology and more.


About Us

Developing reasonably priced, highly functional software for the GIS professionals is the prime objective of ET SpatialTechniques. ET GeoWizards for ArcGIS was first released in 2002 followed by ET GeoTools (2004) and ET Surface (2008). All 3 products were extensions for ArcGIS and became the most popular third party data processing extensions for ArcGIS.

ET GeoWizards 12.0 is the first product which we release that can be used by all GIS professionals - no matter of their main GIS platform. ET Surface 7.0 will follow suit in the third quarter of 2017.

Our Users

Currently we have registered users in more than 70 countries from 6 continents.